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Lottery Messenger

In the last couple of years, we hear the term “Lottery Messenger” more and more frequently yet have a vague idea of what it really means. To some of us it may sound like a brand name, to others like a new type of 4D lottery.

Lottery messenger is in fact neither; it’s a way to combine new technology with the old concept of 4D lottery. Lottery messenger refers to new means of participating in the lottery. It’s the perfect solution for people who wish to take part in a draw outside their country or state or for people who find the 4D lottery process as is to be a bit cumbersome.

They don’t want to get to the nearest 4D lottery retailer store. Buy a ticket, keep it in their wallet or somewhere safe and finally to remember to check on the winning numbers. The 21st century has tailored solutions for just about anything and the lottery is no different.

There are two main types of services companies offer end customers when it comes to taking part in lottery draws worldwide virtually:

1) Courier service: the first and more direct means is the courier service.  It involves agents in different countries and states who buy the 4D lottery tickets for clients, physically. These agents process the clients’ purchase on the spot, scan the ticket and email it to them. In case a client wins the 4D lottery, the prize is paid by the lottery brand as it would if the customer would have bought the ticket himself.

2) Insurance service: the second service is more of a bypass service but is just as effective as the first and is called an insurance service. The insurance model means, in fact, that the company itself does not buy a 4D lottery ticket physically. It allows its customers to pick their winning numbers in the lottery of their choice and then ensures the picks using an insurance service.

An electronic ticket with the client’s picks is sent to him as a guarantee but there isn’t an actual physical ticket. That way instead of having to pay out a huge 4D lottery jackpot to any winning client, the company is selling a form of a contract for difference and the client is paid by a third party in case he wins.

These two models are what the messenger 4D lottery is all about. Each has its advantages and shortcomings but they both have something in common: they help making the lottery game a more convenient and accessible one for Malaysia 4D lottery lovers all over the world.

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