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What is anime-myth.com?


Anime-myth.com is a place for 4D lottery players to discuss, share, and discover anything and everything about lottery games around the world.

Our objectives have never changed: we aim to be a friendly, safe, all-encompassing Web site where players discuss the lottery, share insights, and gain access to the Web’s best lottery data, analysis, and tools.

If you talk 4D betting,  you must be talking about Sports Toto4d, Magnum, Damacai, STC 4D (Sandakan Turf Club), Sabah 88 Lotto, Special Sweep and even Singapore 4D Pools.

4D is a very popular game among locals in Malaysia and Singapore. Every locals wants a piece of the jackpot winning to turn their life around. Frequent bettors usually picks number out of certain superstitions such as buying number that they dreamy of while sleeping, numbers of cars that met accidents and some even would come up with their own strategy to out-game the 4D Lottery.


What can you do at anime-myth.com?



Keep up-to-date with the latest lottery news, and post your own comments on the news stories.  On This Day in History lets you see historical events at anime-myth.com and around the world that happened on today’s date, including lottery news, historical jackpots, worldwide events, births, and deaths.  Our Event Calendar will alert you to changes and special events coming to your lottery.


Let your personality shine through!  Our lively and interesting blogs are the place where you can post about any topics that interest you.  Our members post jokes, videos, stories, articles, technology information, self-help guidance, and anything else that suits their fancy.


When it comes right down to it, most lottery systems are based upon past drawing information.  That’s why we created the ability to analyze and view the historical drawing statistics for any lottery game.  Just click on a game title anywhere on our site to view the stats.  Change the draw depth, sort the statistics, and easily recognize patterns with the color-coded charts.