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4D Lottery syndicates

A guaranteed win!

Before we get to the syndicates process itself here are some fun facts:

  • One in four 4D lottery winners are won by a syndicate
  • If you play syndicates regularly the odds you win within a year are 94%
  • In online syndicates Toto 4D lottery you can pitch in effortlessly with more people for less money

What is this magical Toto 4D lottery playing method that has the potential to change your life? Most people don’t plan ahead before playing the lottery. They go to a lottery retail store, buy a ticket, put it in their pocket and don’t give it much thought after that. Sometimes they don’t even bother to check their results by the time the draw ends. No wonder we often hear about unclaimed Malaysian Toto lottery prizes. Even before the internet stormed into our lives friends would sometimes pool their lottery ticket money and, in case they won, they would’ve split the shares.

But how many friends can you gather really? 5? 10 at most? In today’s world you could play online syndicates with fifty, a hundred or even more players you’ve never met without lifting a finger. All you need to do is pitch in and the provider would take care of the rest. You would share picks with other participants, increase your chances significantly and once you win you would split the shares.

The easiest way to play, the quickest way to win


Apart from the advantage of recruiting a large number of players within minutes, online 4d lottery Malaysia sites offer other advantages over the traditional kind. First of all, the instant play. Playing the lottery has never been easier: using your mobile or laptop you could pick your numbers even during a two minute break from work. Furthermore, losing the ticket is impossible.

Unlike traditional lottery, online 4d lottery Malaysia sites send your pick to you by email and keep it in your account’s details. Lastly, once you win you get a text message that notifies you of your win. You cannot forget about the draw, miss it by accident or any other excuse. Online 4d lottery Malaysia sites walk you through the process from the start till the happy ending, and trust us, this can be a memorable ending.

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